Welcome to Spring!

Welcome to Spring!

Its been a few weeks (months) since our last blog update, but that’s because we’ve got something really special and exciting for all of you blog readers, but it will have to wait just a few more days. Look for some big changes coming in the Cascades Blog over the next few weeks. The announcement will be made on the next edition of the “Cascades Loop” e-news which will be in your inbox the first week of April.

Be watching the webcam Monday & Tuesday as our framers turn a bunch of lumber into a structure in just a matter of hours! The workers here have been building the wall sections over the last few weeks and if all goes according to plan, Monday morning a crane will be brought in to fit all the pieces together. It should be an exciting time!

Behind the Scenes: We’re doing lots of hiring as the summer approaches and its been amazing to see how God provides really talented staff members to join us here in June. We still need a few lifeguards and are looking for maybe another Worship leader or two…if you know of anyone, give them our website! All the information can be found up were it says “Summer Staff” on the main menu.

Spring Weekends are approaching and May is going to be a great time of family bonding as Mothers/Daughters, Father/Sons, Grandparent/Grandkids, Husbands/Wives will all be coming to camp to grow closer to another and closer to Christ. If you aren’t attending one of these camps be praying for their participants.

Again, look for the next “Cascades Loop” to include a big announcement about the Blog’s exciting future.

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