Transitions Ahead in 2018

Transitions Ahead in 2018

A Letter From Tom & Donna Moline

Tom & Donna Moline

Tom & Donna Moline

Dear Friends,

Donna and I write you today with joyful and thankful hearts, and maybe a little trepidation. After a combined 80 years of work in Pacific Northwest Conference camping, we will be retiring this year. Whew! We often comment on the amazing journey camp life has been. God has been faithful to us personally, and to the ministry here, and before that at Covenant Beach. We are most thankful for the privilege of knowing you and being a part of what He has done these many years. His leading, provision, grace and mercy have sustained and blessed us and camp in every way, and brought so many kids to Christ. Praise be to God- “Great things He has done.”

We are thankful for the support and guidance of a large cadre of Conference personnel and Board members who have affirmed and encouraged us along the way. What a joy to be in God’s loving family. We are most thankful to our staff partners here at Cascades & Covenant Beach. Including Summer Staff – my wild guess would be around 2,500 folks. So many of God’s best for so many years. Thank you all, your service has touched hundreds of thousands of lives for Christ. What a blessing you all are.

Special thanks to our generous and kind financial partners. Your investments here have made so much possible. It wouldn’t be what it is without you! Your friendship is most valued! Lastly, thanks to the multitude of guests who chose to invest their life time in coming to camp. It is all joy to serve you. We have been truly blessed by you all! Going forward, we have every confidence in what is clearly God’s plan for the coming transition and beyond. If He tarries, we believe Cascades will continue to host and bless many thousands in the future.

Soon now, we will move nearby and live in temporary housing while we build a house. I will also work with the new Transitional Executive Director to finish a new summer staff house, a project currently underway.

Thank you, and God bless you all. God is so good. We’ll be around, and hope to see you soon.

Love you guys, and thanks for the memories.


Tom and Donna

A Letter From the Cascades Board

Mark Novak

Mark Novak

To Friends of Cascades,

On behalf of the Board of Trustees of Cascades, I want to express our deep gratitude to Tom and Donna Moline for their tremendous years of service in forming, nurturing, and enabling the amazing ministry that is Cascades. From the early building years, through exciting growth in program and facility, and now to the culmination of well-lived careers, Tom and Donna have exemplified excellence, servant leadership, and visionary direction. Yet they accomplished all of this with an unwavering and dedicated focus on inviting all who attend into a personal relationship with Jesus, and encouraging growth in their walk with Him. God has blessed us in countless ways through the Molines, and we thank them and wish them many fruitful years in the next chapter of their lives. Please join us in our celebration October 28th.

As we embark on a new chapter of leadership at Cascades, I am pleased to announce the appointment of Mark Novak as our Transition Executive Director. Mark will be a tremendous help to us as we set the stage for what’s next, particularly in the areas of strategic direction for our program and staff. We also plan to leverage Mark’s many connections and relationships around our Pacific Northwest Conference and community to help tell our story to those who have yet to experience Cascades. Mark is recently retired as the executive minister for Develop Leaders for the Evangelical Covenant Church, and is a former Pacific Northwest Conference Superintendent. We are thrilled to have Mark begin his time with us in January, 2018.

We will continue to provide updates regarding our search process for a new Executive Director as it unfolds. Please pray for us as we continue our ministry during this time of change, as we celebrate our time with Tom and Donna, and as we welcome Mark into the tasks ahead.

With gratitude for all of God’s blessings,

Mark Lindberg
Board President

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