Staff Thoughts: Rob Mohrweis – Program Director

Staff Thoughts: Rob Mohrweis – Program Director

Spring at Cascades brings with it much excitement and eager anticipation of another great summer camping season just around the corner.  The days get longer and warmer and my time of being cooped up in the office gets shorter!  It’s so great to hike back up to the Rec Hall at Camp Timber Rock to plan funny mealtime skits, trek out to “Deep Woods” at Brightwood Station, imagining all the wonderful chapel gatherings that will take place there, or to drive through Sunrise Ranch and picture the campers learning about horses and how to ride in the arenas this summer.

But before we get to summer, there’s a lot of work to be done!  All of us around here are working hard to prepare this place for what God has in store for us this summer.  For me that means doing things like: interviews and hiring of the last few summer staff, planning out the details of schedules and how they inner-connect, working on finalizing bible studies and chapels, buying new basketballs and all sorts of other great rec equipment, and dusting off parts of the camp we haven’t used for the last 8 months. 

This week we had a group of high schoolers from Crossroads Covenant in Yelm, come out and work on a couple of projects around the camp.  Monday we did some “remodeling” of Frontier Village (cutting back trees and brush to make room for new, bigger tipis), and Tuesday we worked on staining siding for the new building project.  You can see pictures of them and our work party here.

I’ve always said that my favorite part of camp is Sunday afternoon, standing out in front of Nisqually Center, watching all the new campers arrive, each one so wound up and thrilled to be at camp!  My second most favorite part of camp (actually tied for first) is sitting in on D.O.S. and listening to campers share about how God has changed their life during the week that they were with us.  To see the growth and transformation that takes place in one week is simply amazing.  I can’t wait for it all to happen again this summer!

Sign up for camp and look for me as you arrive.  I’ll be the one hanging out in front of Nisqually Center with the big smile on my face!

In Christ,

Rob “Trane” Mohrweis

One Comment on “Staff Thoughts: Rob Mohrweis – Program Director

  1. Rob,
    Just finished reading all of the CC Staff Thoughts. Wow! Awesome! Jesus! Love! Joy! Peace! Excitement! Tears of joy are flowing from my eyes because I remember the days of winter when no one is around, the preparation for summer, and then… the day arrives when camp opens and you see new faces filled with wonder/awe/fear/lonliness and you reach out and love them with His love! And then D.O.S.! The Lord bless and keep you my brother in His care! The Lord strengthen and protect your relationship with your wife and child. Encourage you to pray daily with your wife – it will revolutionize your relationship with her. Let pray be the foundation and strength of your family.
    Peace! Abundant Peace!
    P.S. Greet the CC Staff for me – you’re all in my prayers.

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