Staff Thoughts: Alan Thomas – Operations Manager

Staff Thoughts: Alan Thomas – Operations Manager

Well, here we go again! Summer is marching towards us. It seems to pick up speed the closer we get to June. My group for “O-Team” is growing and is almost full. Anybody thinking about jumping on the bandwagon, well, GET WITH IT ! We’ll have a few returnees like, the fun and bubbly “Vocab”. And who can’t forget the lovely “Hoodie”. Over at the waterfront is everybody’s pal “Delph”. And for O-Team leader your friend and mine “Deano”. And a surprise change in departments, from counselor to operations, it’s “Yar”, he will be summer host. There are many new faces rounding out our group. I’m always exited to see new people come on board. Each one bring a new bit of personality to the team. You never really know what kind of group your going to get until everyone is in place and it’s all working.

This year we are working on projects for “Rainier Center”. Right now there is 10,000 feet of siding that we have been staining with a lot of help from volunteer groups. We’ll be moving into more painting jobs as the building progresses. Keep watching the web cam. In a few weeks you’ll see the roof go up with a crane in HUGE pieces. It’s going to be so cool when we can be inside. I can’t wait for it to STOP raining!!!! At least the grass stays green. There is always so much to get ready for summer. Get vehicles around, put tents up, getting Liberty Ridge ready (turn water on, make bathhouses operational, put park benches around, etc…). We’ll have a couple of early summer arrivals to help with all the “fun and exiting” pre-summer setup stuff. We hope our updates to Frontier Village will be visually exiting and have that “WOW” affect. You’ll have to come see for yourself.

On a personal note. Anyone that knows my family, know our two foster kids Scott and Janae. We’re hoping by mid-summer the adoption process will be final and they will officially be “Thomas'”. This is exiting to us since it’s been a 5 year process! Well, there ya go, just a update for now. Can’t wait to see everyone this summer. Be well,
God bless.


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