Spring Adventure Weekends

Spring Adventure Weekends

Spring Adventure Weekends

Can’t wait for summer to arrive? Ready for an excuse to enjoy a weekend away with family? Come to camp for one of the many Spring Adventure Weekend retreats and experience camp with those you care about. At the Adult Horse Roundup Retreat, Grandparents & Grandkids Retreat, Father & Son Retreat, and Mother & Daughter Retreat weekends, family members and friends are given an opportunity to enjoy a great time with one another in a safe, fun, and Christ-centered setting, experiencing lots of fun and exciting activities designed to grow the family closer to each other and God.

Whether it’s a time for connecting with loved ones or celebrating a love of life and the great outdoors, you’ll come away refreshed and revitalized.

Plan on arriving at camp between 6-7pm on Friday evening.  Don’t forget to stop and get dinner along the way since folks will be arriving all throughout the evening.  The weekend will wrap up around 11am on Sunday.


Grandparents & Grandkids Retreat

Kids Grades K – 4, June 1st-3rd, 2018

Pack your bags and get ready for an around-the-world adventure with Grandma or Grandpa this spring! By plane, by train, by boat, or by car – together you’ll see it all! Enjoy earning stamps in your passport, learning to read a map in a silly scavenger hunt, campfire songs, and kid-oriented messages. Nothing beats time away with Grandma or Grandpa and when you’re both in the midst of creation, enjoying great food and staff to keep up with the kiddos, you know it’s going to be the perfect time away together.


Father & Son Retreat

Sons Grades 4 – 10, May 18th-20th, 2018

Head out to Cascades this spring for an epic retreat that’s sure to take your father-son relationship to new heights! You’ll enjoy quality time together crafting a remote control airplane and building a model rocket that you can test out before you head home. The rest of your weekend will be spent out in boats on Elbow Lake, playing some Frisbee golf, hiking through the woods, and hanging out with the rest of the guys. Prepare to grow closer together through times of worship and relevant messages and discussions. Are you a grandfather with a grandson or a guy who mentors a young man? All are welcome!


Mother & Daughter Retreat

Daughters Grades 4 – 10,  May 18th-20th, 2018

Join us for a memorable “ladies only” weekend that has become an annual tradition for many. Back by popular demand, choose one of three specially designed “activity tracks” to get the most out of your weekend! Select the “culinary arts” option, the “extreme adventures” option, or the “horse-lovers” option to create your own experience. The rest of your time will be spent with the whole group as we bring mothers and daughters together for some goofy games, inspiring worship, and refreshing time in God’s word. Are you a grandmother with a granddaughter or a woman who mentors a younger girl? All are welcome! Don’t hesitate to come out for this special getaway that you’ll look back on for years to come.


Adult Horse Roundup Retreat

Adults and Couples, June 1st-3rd, 2018

Do you love horses and just wish you could be a kid again? Head out to Cascades this spring for an all-adult, Sunrise Ranch experience! Enjoy your stay in comfy Cascades lodging, then hit the trails on our trusty horses. Work on your horsemanship skills in the arena and play games on horseback during this fun-filled weekend. No horse experience? No problem! We’ll show you the ropes at the Adult Horse Roundup Retreat!

Dates and Pricing Information:

K-4 6/1-6/3, 2018 Grandparents & Grandkids Retreat $81 each
4-10 5/18-5/20, 2018 Father & Son Retreat $99 each
4-10 5/18-5/20, 2018 Mother & Daughter Retreat $81 each
Adults 6/1-6/3, 2018 Adult Horse Roundup Retreat $108 each