Say Hello Saturday: Terry Whitcomb

Say Hello Saturday: Terry Whitcomb

This winter and spring, we’re highlighting all of our year-round permanent staff members on our blog. It seemed only fitting that on the day we launch our 2016 online registration, we take a moment to introduce you to the face behind it all. So without further ado, say hello to Terry!

Name: Terry Whitcomb

Job: Program Services Manager. I process registrations, do cabin assignments – really anything that supports the programs. I’m also the health supervisor, and work closely with our summer health assistants to keep all of our campers and guests safe.

Do you want to tell everyone your camp name? Nope!

How long have you worked at Cascades? Since 1991.

What do you like most about working at Cascades? I enjoy getting out of my office to see the beautiful surroundings and the happy faces of kids showing up, excited to finally be at camp. I also love giving out sponsorship money and delivering the news to parents that a complete stranger values their child enough to pay for their week at camp. It’s so rewarding to hear the stories and responses parents send after their child’s week at camp.

If you had to choose one camp food to eat every day for a year, what would you choose? Carmelita bars…and coffee!

Decaf or regular? Regular, of course.

Favorite place at camp? Overlooking the lake. The deck at Madrona is particularly nice for that. One time I saw a bald eagle flying over and two swans swimming in the lake at the same time. It was really pretty.

What do you enjoy doing outside of your job at Cascades? Laundry – when it’s done, that is! I also enjoy canning and taking care of my farm animals – chickens, sheep, cows, and Gus, my German Shepherd. They bring me a lot of joy.

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? A nurse. Mostly because my mother was, and I wanted to be just like her.

Tell us a funny story from the earlier days of camp: Once Tom and I were running the espresso stand over Memorial Day weekend. The line was longer than I’ve ever seen it. It was chaos, just chaos. Tom was pulling espresso shots on the machine for me so we could go faster, and this lady comes up to the counter and says, “I want a half decaf, half regular, soy, sugar free, blah blah blah…” She named off all these really specific things, and when I relayed the order to Tom he exclaimed, “You’re KIDDING!” right in front of the lady. So I kicked him in the leg. He thought it was a joke and was thinking, “At a time like this? Seriously?!” (Tom does make good foam, though – I’ll give him that. Better foam than I can make.)

Thanks Terry! We’re so thankful for everything that Terry brings to this place. From her attention to detail, to her fun humor, to her love for coffee, to the ways that she cares for guests, campers, and staff so well, we truly couldn’t do it without her!

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  1. You cannot deny that Terry is AMAZING! She works super hard to make sure that every camper and guest is paired up with the best cabin/lodge arrangement. I love that she will reassign an entire camp full of kids to reunite cabin buddies. She has a seemingly never ending supply of energy and I believe it stems from a belief that she is serving the King in everything she does. That’s why she gives 100% to projects she is involved in. I love her as my mom and as a sister in service to Christ.

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