Say Hello Saturday: Rob Mohrweis

Say Hello Saturday: Rob Mohrweis

This year we’ve been highlighting all of our year-round permanent staff members on our blog. Today we’re introducing a man who wears many hats here at Cascades. Say hello to…

Name: Rob “Trane” Mohrweis

Job: Associate Director

How long have you worked at Cascades? 16 years full time, and three years of summer staff prior to that.

What do you like most about working at Cascades? It’s changed and evolved over the years. I started off really loving being around the campfire with kids and watching them worship – which I still enjoy! But I think what I’ve come to love most about camp is being able to provide a place and a space for people to come and meet with God. They do that in a variety of ways – not just around the campfire. Sometimes it’s loud and crazy, sometimes it’s on a hike, sometimes it’s out in a canoe on the lake. I just get thrilled about providing that space for people.

If you had to choose one camp food to eat every day for a year, what would you choose? Breakfast burritos for sure! And/or build your own burrito day. Mexican food is my favorite.

Favorite place at camp? I have a strong connection to Grandview. It was a really cool spot when I started working here on summer staff – we did some special chapels up there. I love Frontier Village and Paradise point, too. They’re some of the more unique “out there” places at camp. I also enjoy getting out on the lake in a canoe every once in a while.

What do you enjoy doing outside of your job at Cascades? Right now my big hobby is flying – airplanes, remote control things, and drones. I have a fascination with flying things! Other than that, my biggest passion is my family, just watching my girls grow up and doing all those “kid” things with them – dance, soccer, gymnastics, etc.

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? In high school I felt drawn to be a stockbroker, which is actually where my studies took me in college. I have a hard time remembering what I wanted to be when I was much younger than that!

Most epic camp story? A few years ago during family camp, we decided to have me repel down from the rafters in Rainier Center during one of the worship sessions. I was hiding up there hanging out on some boards for over an hour – absolutely silent and not moving at all. As people filtered in and worship began, I couldn’t stop thinking to myself how awkward it was going to be and what a bad idea it was! They finally called me forward to make the up-front announcements – all part of the ploy! I had a microphone on up there and yelled, “I’m coming!” – as if I was running from the back of the room. Everyone turned their heads to the back of the room, while I threw the ropes down to the ground. They fell right next to the front row seats. There was a mom and a bunch of kids sitting in the front row who squealed when the rope hit the floor, and everyone’s attention was pulled forward. When I came off the board and was dangling mid-air, there was this collective gasp as I came down to the floor. (The funny part that I hadn’t quite thought through was that I would then have to actually DO the announcements – I didn’t think about how much my adrenaline would be pumping. My mouth was all dry and I could barely catch my breath!)

What’s been one of the most rewarding experiences you’ve had at camp? Beyond my own personal growth, probably watching the growth of people over the years who have attended our programs. I love seeing the impact camp has on families that come here year after year, and watching the progression of campers who become S.A.L.T.s, who become staff, who eventually move on to other big things in life. The power of camp never ceases to blow my mind!

Thanks Rob! All of us here at Cascades are thankful for your thoughtful leadership – none of us would be equipped to do what we do with your mentoring and support! (“You da bomb,” says Claudia.)

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  1. Hey Rob this was cool to read as I got to know more about you and your passion for Christ and the camp.

    I missed you this year at the pastors and family retreat but I understand you are on a retreat of your own.

    Enjoy your your time and I look forward to connecting with you next year.

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