Helpful Hints

Helpful Hints

Reaching and Exceeding Your Minimum Numbers

  • Invite a sister-church to join your event
  • Combine with other ministry teams (i.e. prayer teams, leadership councils, office administrators, etc.)
  • Mentor younger adults or teens by inviting them to come to men’s/women’s retreats.
  • Use this as an opportunity for outreach to parents of children in kids clubs/Sunday school.
  • Encourage church members to invite “un-churched” friends as another means for outreach.
  • Invite newer church attendees/visitors to share with them your desire for ALL to come and experience God.
  • Partner with the junior high or high school youth ministries and meet in separate buildings.
  • Designate some rooms for private “getaway” weekends for couples who aren’t involved in the weekend programming, or to reward special servants in your church.
  • Recruit volunteers to fill roles at church to enable church staff to register and attend events.
  • Engage prayer team, asking them to pray for the event and attendees.

Budgeting and Pricing for Success

  • Include activity costs in pricing for all retreat attendants.
  • Pad your prices a bit to include some money for scholarships/drop-outs.
  • Include a small program fee to cover decorations, snacks, and other materials needed for your event.
  • Be creative in fundraising to pay for speakers, bring down costs for guests, or add to your program budget. Try things like bake sales, car washes, garage sales, auctions, etc.

Promoting Your Retreat

  • Cascades Camp is unique, with it’s beautiful and pristine setting. Use slideshows during worship services and photographs in your promotional materials to attract people to sign-up for your retreat by showing them the facilities and activities that Cascades has to offer.
  • Share a sample menu with potential retreat attendants to explain the uniquely high-quality food that we provide to all guests.
  • Ask someone from your group who has come to Cascades before to share their experience with the congregation of your church.
  • Describe what you will be doing at your event and what your lodge will be like – some folks get more excited about an event when they know more of the little details!
  • Share activity options including trail rides, massage therapy, paintball, the Northwest Rubicon Adventure, and more to add value to your retreat in the eyes of your guests.
  • Keep the church updated on how the registrations are going: who is signed up, how many spaces are left, etc. so if individuals are considering registering all the information is kept visible.
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