Planning Tools

Planning Tools

What to Pack

“What to Pack” is a list of items you should bring with you to your retreat at Cascades.

Room Assignment Tool

The “Room Assignment Tool” was designed specifically to help guests create room assignments
while staying in Cascades lodging facilities.

Promo Photos

These promotional pictures can be used to promote your event. Incorporate these images into your brochures
or flyers, morning announcement slides, and more to give event attendants a clear picture of what your event will be like.

Helpful Hints

“Helpful Hints” shares several suggestions about reaching and exceeding your goal number of attendees,
budgeting for success, and promoting your event.

Current Promotions

It is our hope and prayer that Cascades would be utilized as more than just an ideal location for your next event.
We desire to support you throughout the planning and organizing of your event.

Cascades Site Maps

Orient yourself to our 1,000 acre facility and download the “Cascades Camp Site Map.”
Locate important sites including your lodge, the Nisqually Center Dining Room, the waterfront, and more!

Budgeting Tool

The “Budgeting Tool” can be used to successfully budget for your event. Calculate just how much you need
to plan on for each attendee, allowing funds for extra activities, snacks, speakers, and more!

All Activity Options

The “Cascades Activity Flyer” is a great way to advertise the myriad of activities offered during your stay at camp.


Questions about planning your retreat at Cascades?
Contact our Guest Services Manager, Terry Whitcomb
phone: (360)894-3838