Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I register online?
To register online (click here).

Can I register by phone or by email? How?
If you would prefer not to register online, we would be happy to mail you our brochure with registration forms. Due to the amount of information needed, phone registration is impractical, but we can take your credit card payment by phone once you have registered.

How much do I pay now, and when do I pay the rest?
A $50 deposit is all that is needed to secure your reservation, and the balance will be due by June 1st. On the payment screen, there is a budget-helper payment plan which spreads out the balance, or you may authorize the balance to be automatically charged June 1st, so you don’t have to remember.

The event I want to register for isn’t listed – where can I find it on the registration page?
Our programs are divided up into categories: Family Camps (all ages together in a cabin, lodge room, or campsite), Spring Adventure Weekends (adults come with children or other adults), Summer Camps (children stay in cabins with counselors for the week) and Day Camps (local kids are dropped off and picked up each day during the five day week). If you have entered an individual’s birth date and grade in fall, the age-appropriate events will be offered for you to select.

How do I register to be a S.A.L.T?
As you register to be a S.A.L.T., follow the same online registration as campers and pay the $50 deposit. Fill out and turn in an application. (Click here to view S.A.L.T. programs. Select the appropriate program and download that application.) Have your parent/guardian (Crew) or youth leader (Brightwood/Ranch/Seasoned) fill out the reference form and send it in. At this point, wait for confirmation from Cascades on your acceptance into the program (you should hear back from us within 1-2 weeks of returning your complete application, including references). Once you have heard back from camp, please finish the registration process by paying the balance left on your registration.

How will I know my registration has been accepted?
After you enter your payment information, a screen will appear that has downloadable documents about each of our events. You can then print the ones relevant to your event – packing list, arrival instructions, etc. An email will arrive soon telling you that the transaction was successful. Another email will be sent later verifying your activity choices and balance or payment information.

What if I need to cancel my registration?
If your camper is unable to attend for any reason, you only lose the $50 deposit. If you have paid the entire amount, any balance beyond the $50 is refundable. The deposit is transferable within your immediate family for another event in this calendar year. We do ask that if you need to cancel, please let us know as soon as possible so we can let another camper in from the waiting list.

Will my child be placed in a cabin with a friend?
There is a field in the ‘Family Profile’ that asks for one cabin mate request. We agree that it is very important for kids to be with a friend! There is a limit on how many friends can be in a cabin of 8 kids, as it impacts the cabin dynamic and unity when there are 3 or more friends, no matter how kind they are to others. If there get to be 4, we ask that they divide into pairs. Our counselors work hard to pull each individual into a cohesive group for their week at camp, encouraging new friendships that often extend beyond the summer!


Why do we have to pay extra for activities?
In an effort to make each camper’s week a fun, unique, and truly custom experience, we have created a variety of activities that kids can choose from as they register. These activity sessions are high-quality, in-depth sessions that we have carefully planned and crafted. Each activity has its own supplies and costs associated with it, and this is how we price each session. As a result, we are able to provide a lower base-rate for a week of camp than we have in years past, and allow each camper to have the ability to choose what they would like to do during their time at camp.

What do campers do in activities
During activities, campers spend time on curriculum that has been created from careful research on that topic. Campers learn the basics of their activity and are challenged to take their skills to new levels. Each day incorporates learning in the exciting environment unique to Cascades as campers learn how to work together, be creative, and challenge themselves in new ways. If you have more specific questions about activities, please email Jessica at

What if my camper doesn’t like the activity they are registered for?
Prior to arrival, an email or phone call to our office will take care of your requests, pending availability of other activities. If your child wants to change after arrival, we are happy to accommodate changes in the first two days of camp. Before making any changes we call the parent/guardian first for approval, then charge any increase in fee if it is applicable.

What if the activity I want to register for is full?
If the activity your child would like to attend is full, please select their second choice. If you’d like to be added to a waiting list, please email us at and we will do our best to get your child into their first choice.

Will my child be with friends if they choose the same activities?
Most activities are done as a large group, based on the camp your child is attending (Brightwood or Timber Rock). If their friends are at the same camp, they will do their activities together. On occasions, the activities are split into smaller groups to accommodate the number of children, but we do our best to keep buddies together.

Other than paid activities, what does my child do while they’re at camp?
A week at Camp Timber Rock or Brightwood Station includes fun big games, spending time with new friends, free time at the waterfront, confidence-building activity options, engaging Bible studies, evening worship, dynamic speakers, and over-the-top activities. In the midst of having so much fun, campers witness the love of Jesus Christ and are invited to go deeper in their spiritual walk and respond in faith to Christ’s amazing love. Download a Brightwood Station Schedule or Camp Timber Rock Schedule.

Arrival & Departure

How do I check-in my child? What does that process look like?
As you arrive at camp, you will be greeted by our Express Check-In staff (look for the red hats!). They will give you your child’s cabin number, counselor’s name, and final activity confirmation. Once you have this information, place your child’s luggage on the appropriately marked luggage trailer, bank any money in the canteen, drop off medication with the camp nurse, drop off camper mail, and then head up to your child’s cabin and meet their counselor. Registration begins promptly at 4pm. If you have questions while you are here, please ask any staff member – they are happy to assist you in any way! (Prior to your child’s arrival at camp, you will receive all this information, as well.)

When does camp start and end?
Registration/check-in begins at 4:00pm on Sunday afternoon.* (Registration/check-in for campers in the S.A.L.T. program begins at 3:00pm.) Camp begins with a special welcome at 5:00pm, followed by dinner at 5:30pm. Camp ends at 9:30am Saturday morning with closing chapel that all parents and family are welcome to attend. *Please be sure to double check your registration confirmation for arrival/departure dates as not every program starts on Sunday and ends Saturday.

Will there be dinner at camp for my child on Sunday night?
Meals for campers begin with dinner Sunday at 5:30pm. If you are arriving late, you may want to stop and grab a bite to eat so your camper can jump in with the program as soon as they arrive.

How do I find my child at the end of session?
Each session ends with closing chapel. Brightwood Station’s closing chapel is on the West Lawn, Camp Timer Rock’s closing chapel is at the waterfront, and Classic Horse Camp and Horse Intensives at Sunrise Ranch in August hold their closing chapels at the Ranch. After this program, you can talk with the counselor, take pictures, and check the lost and found for any familiar items.

Can someone else pick my child up for me?
If your child is riding home with someone else, they must be listed on the counselor’s sign-out sheet. If a change is made mid-week, give the office a call and we will pass this information along to the counselor.

Can I drop off/pick up my child early or late?
We can always accommodate for late drop off and early pick up. Please send an email to the camp office at For early pick up, please tell your child’s counselor when you meet them at drop off to arrange the time/location of pick up.

How to pack for camp
Your camper will need clothing for all weather, a jacket, extra shoes, their swimsuit, a sleeping bag, pillow, towel, soap, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, sunscreen, insect repellent, a flashlight, a disposable camera (with name on it), a Bible, pen and journal, any medications in a Ziploc bag with a Med Note filled out (leave this out of bag to hand off to our health assistant upon arrival), and, if riding horses, long jeans and sturdy shoes. Please DO NOT bring valuables, cell phones, MP3 players or other personal electronics, fireworks, or weapons.


Who administers camper meds?
Medications are administered at breakfast, lunch, dinner, bedtime, and as needed by Cascades’ health assistant, a college-aged individual in a nursing program, and supervised by our camp R.N.

Do I need to have prescription labels on the bottle?
Yes, if your camper takes prescription meds, we would like to see the information accurately given on the label. Also, you will be filling out a Med Note with your instructions for administering any meds you bring, including non-prescription (OTC) meds.

When it comes to over-the-counter meds do I have to bring an unopened bottle?
It isn’t necessary to provide a brand new bottle of meds. In fact, it would be best if you limit the non-essential meds you send. Consider giving a break from multi-vitamins, etc., to minimize your child’s distractions from the camp atmosphere. If your child infrequently needs Tylenol for a headache, it’s not necessary for you to send it. There are many common medications that we keep on hand.

My child has dietary needs. Can camp work with that?
Cascades can accommodate most medical dietary needs. We commonly adjust meals for campers who are vegetarians, lactose-intolerant, gluten-free, or have simple food allergies. Please contact our Food Service Manager ( at least one week prior to your child’s stay with us to discuss dietary restrictions and menus.

What medications does the camp provide?
Tylenol (acetaminophen) for headaches or other discomfort, Benadryl (Diphenhydramine) for allergy flare-ups or rashes, throat lozenges, and Pepto Bismol and Tums for digestive upset. Also, for minor abrasions or cuts, we cleanse and apply triple antibiotic ointment, covered with a band-aid.

How do you assist campers with disabilities?
We do our best to provide a positive experience for campers with mild disabilities. Please call our office (360) 894-3838 to share your child’s specific needs and we can talk about the ways that we can create a healthy and fun experience for your child.

Camper Mail

Where do I send camper mail?
Parents, please write the counselor’s name on all packages. You may bring letters and packages to drop off when you bring your child to camp – label these with your camper’s name (first and last), location (Brightwood Station, Timber Rock, or Sunrise Ranch), and which day you’d like them to receive the package. Or you can send mail addressed as follows:Cascades Camp & Conference Center
Camper Name/Program Name
22825 Peissner Rd. S.E.
Yelm, WA 98597

How and when do campers receive mail?
Campers receive mail before either lunch or dinner (depending on which camp they’re at) everyday during the designated mail time. Campers are called to the front to receive their letters and/or packages. If a camper receives three or more letters and/or a package, he/she must sing a goofy song with fellow campers who also receive packages or three letters. Classic songs at mail time include “I’m a Little Tea Pot,” “Grey Squirrel,” and “The Beaver Song.”

Do I have to send a package?
Camper mail is by no means a necessity, but has become a fun part of camp for many campers over the years. It’s a great opportunity to encourage homesick campers and send a little love their direction.

What do parents put in packages?
Most parents include some assortment of the following: candy, silly bandz, disposable cameras, stationery, journals, stuffed animals, etc. We ask that you limit the size of packages to a shoe box or smaller as the volume of mail over summer weeks is pretty heavy here at camp.

General Camp

Can I visit my child while he or she is at camp?
To preserve the unique environment of camp, we ask that parents do not visit their children while they are at camp.

Can I talk to my camper on the phone?
To preserve the unique environment of camp, we don’t have phones for camper use. When children are sick or homesick, we often call home. In this case, a staff member will contact you first, then your child will be given the phone, then the staff member will close out the conversation to answer any questions you have.

What if my child is homesick?
It is common for campers to feel homesick while away from home. Counselors are trained to respond to homesick campers with love by keeping them busy and setting short-term goals for the first two days – usually they succeed in overcoming it. If the camper remains homesick, we call home. In this case, a staff member will contact you first to determine if you think a conversation with you would help your child. If so, your child will be given the phone, then the staff member will close out the conversation to answer any questions you have.

What will my camper do during the day?
A week at Camp Timber Rock or Brightwood Station includes fun big games, spending time with new friends, free time at the waterfront, confidence-building activity options, engaging Bible studies, evening worship, dynamic speakers, and over-the-top activities. In the midst of having so much fun, campers witness the love of Jesus Christ and are invited to go deeper in their spiritual walk and respond in faith to Christ’s amazing love. Download a Brightwood Station Schedule or Timber Rock Schedule.Designed specifically for horse enthusiasts, our Sunrise Ranch Classic Horse Camp and Horse Intensive weeks in August are packed full of equestrian activities to challenge and grow your horsemanship skills as well as your relationship with God. Spend time on the trail and in the arena getting to know our horses, in Bible study with your cabin, at the waterfront for free time, playing zany games on and off horses, and at the fireside chapel in Horseshoe Hollow. You’re bound to love our fantastic horses and the ranch staff who together to create an unforgettable experience at camp! Download a Sunrise Ranch Schedule.Rainier Kids Day Camp provides a fantastic chance to get outside and play this summer! With a new theme every week, tons of zany games, awesome worship time, nutritious and delicious lunch, exciting and educational outdoor activities, and a daily Bible lesson, your child will never want to leave! Download a Rainier Kids Day Camp Schedule.

How many campers are in a cabin? Does a counsellor stay with campers?
There are generally eight campers in a cabin with one college-aged counselor who has been carefully screened and trained. In many of the cabins we also place a S.A.L.T. (high school student in our service and leadership training program), who works closely with the counselor to mentor campers and facilitate their week at camp.

What do campers do at free time?
During free time, campers have the opportunity to swim, boat, or soak up the sun at our lifeguarded waterfront, grab a bite to eat at the canteen, hang out with friends, participate in various organized games and hikes led by counselors, and sign up for one-day activity options like trail rides, Northwest Rubicon Adventure, and more.

How much do they know about the Bible? Will they have to read out loud?
Campers that come to Cascades do not have to know anything about the Bible. During Bible study, campers are given the chance to read aloud if they’d like to volunteer. Campers are never forced to read out loud.

How much time is spent in religious activities versus time playing?
Campers spend half an hour in the morning singing fun jubilation songs, an hour doing a Bible study, and anywhere from half an hour to an hour is spent at chapel in the evenings. The rest of the day is spent playing games, in activities, at free time and participating in other great camp classic games and night activities.

Can campers have cell phones?
To preserve the unique environment of camp, we ask that cell phones are left at home. If camper does bring a phone to camp, we will store it safely until the close of camp, when it can be picked up.

How do you discipline campers?
In minor situations, counselors are carefully trained to explore camper motives when a child acts out, and relative consequences will be explained to the camper and carried out. If problems persist or are more serious, the program leader and director will step in and contact parents. Appropriate consequences will be explained to the camper and then carried out. In severe situations, a child may be sent home. Cascades never resorts to any form of physical punishment.

What happens to Lost & Found items?
Lost and Found items are held until early winter. If your child is missing something after their time at Cascades, send an email to with a detailed description of the item and the cabin your child stayed in and we will do our best to track down the missing item. We ask that you pay the cost of shipping or pick the item up.

What do campers eat?
Campers are served nutritious meals that are kid-friendly. To view a sample menu for a kids’ camp, (click here).

What is the canteen fund for?
To keep your funds safe and conveniently accessible during free time, Cascades campers deposit a maximum of $50 in a spending account. Campers may spend their money on snacks and cold drinks at the canteen, or at the espresso stand and gift store. Campers are limited to two visits a day to the canteen. Spending money may be paid ahead of arrival, or deposited when you drop off your camper. On the last day of camp, remaining balances may be donated to the summer missions project, or are refunded to campers to take home.

What is available in the canteen?
Trail mix, beef jerky, crackers, sorbet, ice cream, candy bars, soda, smoothies, Italian sodas and other snacks may be purchased at the canteen. Prices range from $0.50-$5.00.

What kinds of items do you sell in the camp store?
Gift items are available in the camp store including shirts, sweatshirts, hats, books, stuffed animals, cards, water bottles, flashlights, and more.

How much do items cost in the camp store?
Smaller items like flashlights and water bottles range from $5-$10, and clothing items for children range from $15-$40.

What is the missions project?
Every year Cascades joins along with all 22 Covenant camps to financially contribute to a designated missions project. Campers have the opportunity to contribute some of their canteen fund to the missions project as an act of tithing, or vote for their favorite staff member to be ice bucketed in the weekly ice-bucketing competition. Each vote costs one dollar, and all proceeds go to the missions project. The summer mission projects are usually camping related, and give campers an opportunity to contribute to make a similar life-changing experience possible for children in another place in the world.