New Blog!

Welcome to the all new Cascades Blog (web-log). Over the next few weeks and months we hope to give you a sneak peek into life here at camp during the off season. Look for regular updates and pictures… Read More

Letters…We get letters

Its been just a few days since we sent out our first e-newsletter and its been great hearing back from so many of you. We put a call out in the email asking for a suggestion on a… Read More

Winter is here….

If the holidays, shorter days and colder weather didn’t enforce it enough, everyone here at camp was reminded today that it was winter time by the inch of snow we’ve received throughout the day. o:p> Things are going… Read More

Waterfront: Open

It only happens once every few years, and this year was it……. Elbow lake is frozen. We’ve been monitoring it for the past few days, checking each time to see how thick the ice is. Today, the waterfront… Read More

Webcam, Christmas Party, & More!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas & New Years! Here at camp (much like everywhere else in Western Washington) its been very wet for a long time….but what else could you expect from winter? We had a… Read More

A Muddy Mud Retreat & Chi-Town

Well, Chicago came and went without a blog entry, but we’re right in the middle of all the staff recruiting fun.  We’re getting ready for this summer and are really excited about Brightwood Station’s second year!  Timber Rock… Read More

Welcome to Spring!

Its been a few weeks (months) since our last blog update, but that’s because we’ve got something really special and exciting for all of you blog readers, but it will have to wait just a few more days…. Read More

Staff Thoughts: Tom Moline – Executive Director

With the re-deployment of the blog, comes a new weekly feature that will take us all the way up to summer. Over the next few weeks and months each Wednesday a different year-round staff member will share their… Read More

Staff Thoughts: Rob Mohrweis – Program Director

Spring at Cascades brings with it much excitement and eager anticipation of another great summer camping season just around the corner.  The days get longer and warmer and my time of being cooped up in the office gets… Read More

Staff Thoughts: Alan Thomas – Operations Manager

Well, here we go again! Summer is marching towards us. It seems to pick up speed the closer we get to June. My group for “O-Team” is growing and is almost full. Anybody thinking about jumping on the… Read More