Brightwood Station

Brightwood Station

4th-6th Grade

About Brightwood Station:

Brightwood Station is the experience of a lifetime! The carefully crafted programs and safe environment at Brightwood are designed to strengthen relationships with Jesus as well as friends and family. Our highly qualified and trained staff lead campers in a number of activities focused on helping grow and strengthen a faith in God. Age appropriate Bible studies, morning Jubilation worship songs, and entertaining and educational chapel skits are all designed to relay the message of Jesus to campers throughout their time at Brightwood. After coming to Brightwood, campers leave with a new fire in their hearts for God!

What You’ll Experience:

All aboard at Brightwood Station! Come out for a week of camp and embark on a journey to discover the excitement and adventure of camp on a train! You’ll have a blast at Brightwood: living in a boxcar cabin with friends and your counselor, eating meals in the depot, exciting adventures, and all the games and crazy activities you can handle! Some camper favorites include playing at the waterfront, spending a night in teepees at Frontier Village, cabin time, and tons more! Each camper who spends a week at Brightwood Station has the opportunity to learn new skills as a part of Cascades’ natural, hands-on learning environment. Brightwood is a safe and fun place for kids to try something new; week-long activities will help campers grow new friendships, create long-lasting memories, gain knowledge, and build their confidence.

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*Please note:  Electronic devices such as computers, MP3 players, iPods, cell phones, tablets, etc. are not allowed for campers (including S.A.L.T.s).  Please leave these items at home.  Thank you for your understanding.

Dates and Pricing Information:

4-6  6/29-7/1, 2018 Experience Cascades $170
4-6 7/9-7/14, 2018 Brightwood #1 (MON-SAT) $320
4-6 7/15-7/21, 2018 Brightwood #2 $384
4-6  7/22-7/28, 2018 Brightwood #3 $384
 4-6 7/29-8/4, 2018 Brightwood #4  $384
Click here for week-long activity descriptions.
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