Webcam, Christmas Party, & More!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas & New Years! Here at camp (much like everywhere else in Western Washington) its been very wet for a long time….but what else could you expect from winter?

We had a Summer Staff 2005 Christmas Reunion party on December 28th. Counselors, O-Teamers, and kitchen folk all converged to Tahoma lodge for an evening filled with catching up with friends, food and of course, the white elephant gift exchange.

If you got the e-news (now known as “The Cascades Loop”) that came out last week, you might have read that the new webcam is up and running…and if you’ve been watching the past few days you’ve even seen some progress as we start to layout the footprint of the new building. Even when the construction is right outside my window, its sometimes fun to look at the webcam. Rob & Alan thought they would try and say hello through the webcam as it went online last week.

Hope everyone is having a fantastic January and the transition back to school/work was a good one! Look for another blog entry live from Chicago in a few weeks!

Waterfront: Open

It only happens once every few years, and this year was it……. Elbow lake is frozen. We’ve been monitoring it for the past few days, checking each time to see how thick the ice is. Today, the waterfront opened for the first time since Labor Day family camp:

So despite the cold, and the freezing we’ve been having a good time out here lately. Camp registrations have started to come rolling in the past few weeks, remember there is a $20 discount if your registration is paid in full by Jan. 1st.

Family Camp: We’ve booked some of our family camp speakers and the latest exciting news is that for Independence Day family camp (July 5th – July 9th) our morning speaker will be Bob Stromberg of CHIC & Triple Espresso fame.

Winter is here….

If the holidays, shorter days and colder weather didn’t enforce it enough, everyone here at camp was reminded today that it was winter time by the inch of snow we’ve received throughout the day. o:p>

Things are going well with “Legacy of Faith” and the campaign to build a new multi-purpose room. Out of the 1.8 million dollars we originally set out to raise for this phase, we are down to just around $24,000 left! For those of you who haven’t seen it yet, below are the architect drawings of what the new building will look like. Construction will start in a few weeks and we’re excited about being able to offer a “construction webcam” once the ground is broken. o:p>

Letters…We get letters

Its been just a few days since we sent out our first e-newsletter and its been great hearing back from so many of you. We put a call out in the email asking for a suggestion on a name for our new online publication. The person who suggests the chosen name will get a free cascades t-shirt. If you’ve got a great idea, please email it to me:

In other Cascades news…. Check out the article about us in the new edition of the North Pacific Conference news, it talks about the construction of the new Multi-purpose room and you get to see some good drawings of what our achitect has in store for us.

New Blog!

Welcome to the all new Cascades Blog (web-log). Over the next few weeks and months we hope to give you a sneak peek into life here at camp during the off season. Look for regular updates and pictures coming soon!

Over the next few weeks here on the website you might start to notice some new changes going on! Please be patient with us as we “renovate” our website and update everything to include camping 2006 information! Look for dates and for registration to be up and running soon.

Until then, we’ll leave you with a nice new photo taken of Nisqually Center & Lakeside Lodge