20 Signs You’re Meant to Work at Cascades Camp

Cascades has hired 80% of our staff for this summer (praise the Lord!), but we are still looking for 15 more excited, Christ-centered individuals to join our team! If you or someone you know is considering options for this summer, look no further – we’ve put together this informative list to help you make your decision. Without further ado, we present 20 Signs You’re Meant to Work at Cascades Camp:

  1. You’ve always wanted to see __________ (Washington, Mt. Rainier, lots of cute bunnies, etc.).
  2. You feel you look your best when sporting a farmer’s tan.
  3. You’ve always identified with an inanimate object, fictional character, made-up word, etc. that you’re dying to use as a camp nickname.
  4. Macaroni and cheese holds a special place in your heart.
  5. You’re participating in the 2020 Olympics, and tossing hay makes for great cross-training.
  6. You’ve read about the cosmetic benefits of using tempera paint as a facemask.
  7. You have all of the Starburst flavors memorized and want to show off your knowledge.
  8. You’ve always wanted to sport a Bob Ross t-shirt from the local Walmart alongside 12 of your friends.
  9. You want to save electricity by skipping the blow dry and trying out the natural resources on the zip line instead.
  10. You’ve always wondered how many cups of pudding you could eat in one sitting.
  11. You feel passionately that an espresso drink should be named after you and your genius recipe.
  12. The lyrics to Veggie Tales songs are the highlight of your repertoire, and you feel you should be around people who appreciate true art as much as you do.
  13. You’ve always wondered if you’d look good with a mustache, and wearing the muddy version that results from driving through the dusty Rubicon course with a helmet on would make for a good trial run.
  14. You have an unusual skill that you’ve been waiting to debut at a talent show.
  15. You’ve always wanted to meet the most beloved horse of all time, Rusty.
  16. You hosted so many tea parties as a kid that you know exactly how to set the perfect table.
  17. Your wardrobe consists of large amounts of solid red, blue, green or yellow, so you’re already prepared to have plenty of team spirit.
  18. Indiana Jones is your favorite ride at Disneyland, and tackling back roads in a truck is the real deal (sans the blow darts and giant boulder).
  19. Your breakfast obsession is thriving so much that flipping 500 pancakes sounds like the best day of your life.
  20. You love Jesus wholeheartedly and are looking for the most epic, fulfilling summer job of your life!

Well, there you have it! If any of these bullet points sound like you, visit for more information!



We’re Hiring!


Cascades is hiring! We’re currently searching for the next member of our year-round team and family. Help us spread the word, and join us in prayer as we wait on God’s perfect provision and timing.

For more information, please see the Operations Manager job description. Resumes and cover letters can be sent directly to

Farewell, Cean!

Friends of Cascades,

We have some bittersweet news to share with you. After 13 years of ministry with Cascades, Cean Williard, our Operations Manager, is resigning. Cean has been called to be the Executive Director of his church in Olympia, WA. He will be concluding his time with us at the end of February.

We are incredibly grateful for all that Cean has done for us over the many years, from diving into septic tanks, fixing nearly everything around camp, to his wonderful welcoming smile and kind heart to all – especially while driving the tractor at family camp. If you’d like to write Cean a note of encouragement, please feel free to do so:

Here’s a little note from Cean:

“These past eight years as part of the full time staff at Cascades Camp have been such a blessing! My family and I are truly grateful to have been part of the ministry of Cascades. We have grown in unimaginable ways, felt cared for, and seen God do great works in our lives as a result of your leadership and friendship. I would like to thank you for allowing me to be a part of this team, and for all the care, training, and trust you have given me. There is definitely a sense of sadness as we think of leaving the Cascades family, but trust that God is leading us, and Cascades, in new and exciting directions.”

Cean, thank you for all that you have done – especially how you’ve lived the servant-leader lifestyle that Christ calls us to so well.  We wish you God’s blessings on your new adventures in ministry!

In Christ,

Rob “Trane” Mohrweis
Associate Director


Register for the 2018 M.U.D. Retreat!

Registration is now open for Cascades Camp’s 2018 high school retreat: Making United Disciples, or M.U.D.!

Ignite your spiritual life, escape the grind of school and enjoy community with hundreds of other high school students as you congregate at Cascades Camp this January. Experience the fire of the body of Christ through rockin’ main stage worship sessions with the North Park University ensemble, focused messages from Steve Wong, Director of Worship Services at University Covenant Church in Davis, CA, as well as meaningful time to connect with your youth group. We’ve got all kinds of crazy camp fun planned, such as the annual Cascades Polar Bear Swim, epic winter Olympics-themed M.U.D. Bowl, and more! Contact your local Covenant Church, get your friends excited, and we’ll see you out at Cascades for the time of your life!


January 12th – 14th, 2-18

Calling all S.A.L.T.s from summer 2017!

Are you a…
2017 Cascades S.A.L.T. who misses their favorite summer camp? A parent of a 2017 S.A.L.T. looking for the perfect Christmas gift?
If either of these apply, this invitation is for you!
All 2017 S.A.L.T.s are officially invited to attend our annual S.A.L.T. Reunion Christmas Retreat! It is a chance to be rejuvenated in the peace of camp, reunited with fellow S.A.L.T.s and renewed in Christ. The event will include delicious meals, endless fun and games, encouraging sessions and worship, free time to enjoy everything that camp offers, and many chances to connect with good friends and last summer’s S.A.L.T. leaders. Come enjoy the holiday season with us!
Here are the details:
Date: December 28th, 10am – December 29th, 4pm
Location: Timberidge Lodge, Cascades Camp and Conference Center
Cost: $81
What to Bring: An overnight bag, warm clothes, dark colored attire for night games, good walking/running shoes, sleeping bag/pillow, Bible, journal/pen, your swankiest and/or tackiest Christmas attire for the “Snow Ball” (ugly Christmas sweaters, black tie formal attire, reindeer antlers, and Christmas jammies all fall into this category), swimwear/towel if you’d like to try out the sauna, and a white elephant gift valued at $10 or less – the best thing to do is find a random/goofy item from around your house, ask your parents if it’s okay to take, wrap it up and bring it along!
How to Register: Head over to to sign up!
We hope to see you all there! Feel free to contact anyone in the Program Department with any questions.
Brielle “Lava” Cosgrove