Introducing the 2016-2017 Cascades Interns!


The fall brings many new things to Cascades — one of our favorites being the addition of a handful of people to the year-round team. We are, once again, very excited to introduce you all to our newest set of interns! These folks, alongside the dedicated permanent staff, work hard to keep our programs and facilities running all year round.
So, here they are — the 2016-2017 Cascades Camp and Conference Center interns! Drum roll please…


Kali “Tums” Burnside is serving as the Kitchen Intern this year, working alongside Chris Dean to serve up all of the delicious food guests have come to expect while enjoying their time at Cascades.
Hometown: Marysville, WA
Previous jobs at camp: I worked on kitchen staff, as a counselor, then as the Ranch S.A.L.T. Leader, and this last summer I served as the Brightwood Program Leader.
What you were up to before this summer: Before coming to camp last summer I was finishing up my degree in English from the University of Washington, and managing a café on campus.
Favorite place at camp: The deck of Madrona. It has a beautiful view of the lake!
Favorite camp meal: I’m a huge fan of twice baked potatoes and brisket, but that seems to be more of an off-season thing. I’d say during the summer I always look forward to pulled pork sandwiches and jojos!
Most obscure talent: Crocheting dish scrubbies, quoting SpongeBob in everyday life, and impersonating Marcel the Shell.
Goals for the year: Some of my goals for this year are to jump down an entire flight of the program office stairs in one leap, learn to play the ukulele proficiently, build something with wood, start a blog, and to play Nintendo 64 with Dan Clifford.
Favorite care package treat: Kind notes, your favorite book, and all kinds of baked goods!


As this year’s Ranch Intern, Ellie “Bellator” Leegwater is spending the year out at Sunrise Ranch taking great care of all of our horses with Rowanne Fairchild.
Hometown: Kirkland, WA
Previous jobs at camp: I have been on kitchen staff twice (serving the second summer as Kitchen Leader), and this last summer I worked as the Brightwood S.A.L.T. Leader for the majority of the season and as the Ranch Program Leader for the last few weeks.
What you were up to before this summer: Before this summer started I took a road trip for about a month visiting 10 national parks in different states.
Favorite place at camp: My favorite places around camp are 1) up at Brightwood, 2) at the ranch, and 3) by the pastures — all of which have incredible views of the mountain and the sky during sunsets!
Favorite camp meal: I’m always a big fan of oatmeal!
Most obscure talent: I like painting, drawing, and other art.  I enjoy making cards to send to my friends.
Goals for the year: I’m looking for something, of which I’m not sure yet, but I hope to discover what it is this year. I know that this place is one of healing and peace, which I’ve seen start to shape things — I know I’m doing better now that I’m here. I feel as though there is a purpose to life and to being here. What comes after my time here for the internship is still unknown, so my goal for this year is to find what that ‘something’ is, and I know that will happen here because I’m able to learn and grow in this atmosphere.
Favorite care package treat: I like notes and flowers and smiles and chai!


Ethan “Crescendo” Lindell has taken on the role of Operations Intern this year, working with Cean Williard, to keep our grounds and facilities functioning with excellence.
Hometown: Ballard, WA
Previous jobs at camp: My first summer I was the male S.A.L.T. Crew Leader, and this last summer I served as the Rainier Kids Day Camp Recreation Leader.
What you were up to before this summer: I was finishing up my sophomore year at Western Washington University.
Favorite place at camp: Walking out on the left side of the lake along the trail until you get to the elbow, at this spot there are two trees right on the edge of the lake that you can hang a hammock between —  that’s my favorite place.
Favorite camp meal: Chicken Caesar salad wraps.
Most obscure talent: I can unicycle backwards!
Goals for the year: During the internship I want to learn to play the tin whistle, to further my education in a non-traditional way, and to, most importantly, grow in my understanding and knowledge of what it means to be a Christian. I want to create a firm foundation for my life in Christ this year.
Favorite care package treat: The coolest post card you can find from your town!


Alex “Oseye” Farag is working this year as the Program Intern, alongside Jessica Martin, to plan and execute each of our weekend retreats, family camps, and kids camps.
Hometown: McMinnville, Oregon
Previous jobs at camp: I worked as the Barista for two summers (the second summer I also served as the Retail Leader), then I was the female Seasoned S.A.L.T. Leader, and this last summer I served as the Activities Coordinator.
What you were up to before this summer: Before this last summer I was graduating from Linfield College with a bachelor’s degree in Business Management.
Favorite place at camp: My favorite place at camp is Paradise Point early on a clear day! I love the beautiful 360° views and the silhouette of Mt. Rainier on a crisp morning.
Favorite camp meal: I absolutely love pesto, so my favorite off-season meal is pesto chicken pasta! Or breakfast tacos! Or the veggie-ham soup! (I can’t decide, it’s all so good…)
Most obscure talent: I’ve been told that my laugh can be heard from halfway around the world — so I’d say my obscure talent is obnoxiously loud laughter!
Goals for the year: I have a few goals for this year — I plan to read a book for each month that I’m here, to learn some basic guitar, and to consistently be trying new activities that get me out of my comfort zone.
Favorite care package treat: Encouraging notes, your favorite board game, and chocolate covered almonds!


There they are, folks! Please join us in welcoming them to the Cascades Camp family!

Alex “Oseye” Farag


2016 Independence Day Family Camp Extras!

2016 Highlight Video

Independence Day Family Camp 2016 was one to remember! Check out this fancy-schmancy recap video with highlights from throughout the weekend! Lots of great memories were made during this event – we hope you enjoy watching some of our favorite moments from the long-weekend. Thanks, Lianne "Hiccup" Woodke – our talented Media Tech/Videographer Extraordinaire – for putting this fun video together!

2016 Independence Day Family Camp Highlight Video from Cascades Camp on Vimeo.

2016 Sermon Recordings

All of the sermons were recorded and uploaded to the Cascades Podcast. Enjoy sermons by Pastor Stephanie Mathis of West Hills Covenant Church.

Simply click on the links below to listen to each sermon!

If you are having a hard time listening to the sermons please do not hesitate to contact us!

Transitions Ahead

Lambchop_DirtDear Friends,

We have some bittersweet news to share with you. After 15 years of faithful service at Cascades, Claudia “Dirt” Fisher, our Program Director, is moving on. She has recently received her Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology and is pursuing employment in that field.

Tears were shed as she shared her plans, but we feel a sense of peace that she is going with God’s blessing and leading. Claudia will remain here through Labor Day. We pray a blessing on her new path. If you wish to say a word or thanks or encouragement, you can do so at

Thanks, Claudia, for all the memories and thousands of lives you have touched with the love of Christ.

Looking ahead, Jessica “Lambchop” Martin, who has been working with Claudia in the program department for several years – most recently as the Program Coordinator – has agreed to take the reins as Program Director. While Claudia will be missed by all, we are delighted Jessica will step up. Keep her in your prayers – it’s a big job – but we know that she’s up for the challenge. Congratulations, Jessica! We are so glad to have you transition into this role!

So, while we are sad to see Claudia go, we have great confidence in Jessica and trust that Cascades’ programs will continue to flourish and grow under her care! We pray blessings on both of these women in the season ahead!

With gratitude,

Tom Moline
Executive Director

Say Hello Saturday: Rob Mohrweis

This year we’ve been highlighting all of our year-round permanent staff members on our blog. Today we’re introducing a man who wears many hats here at Cascades. Say hello to…

Name: Rob “Trane” Mohrweis

Job: Associate Director

How long have you worked at Cascades? 16 years full time, and three years of summer staff prior to that.

What do you like most about working at Cascades? It’s changed and evolved over the years. I started off really loving being around the campfire with kids and watching them worship – which I still enjoy! But I think what I’ve come to love most about camp is being able to provide a place and a space for people to come and meet with God. They do that in a variety of ways – not just around the campfire. Sometimes it’s loud and crazy, sometimes it’s on a hike, sometimes it’s out in a canoe on the lake. I just get thrilled about providing that space for people.

If you had to choose one camp food to eat every day for a year, what would you choose? Breakfast burritos for sure! And/or build your own burrito day. Mexican food is my favorite.

Favorite place at camp? I have a strong connection to Grandview. It was a really cool spot when I started working here on summer staff – we did some special chapels up there. I love Frontier Village and Paradise point, too. They’re some of the more unique “out there” places at camp. I also enjoy getting out on the lake in a canoe every once in a while.

What do you enjoy doing outside of your job at Cascades? Right now my big hobby is flying – airplanes, remote control things, and drones. I have a fascination with flying things! Other than that, my biggest passion is my family, just watching my girls grow up and doing all those “kid” things with them – dance, soccer, gymnastics, etc.

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? In high school I felt drawn to be a stockbroker, which is actually where my studies took me in college. I have a hard time remembering what I wanted to be when I was much younger than that!

Most epic camp story? A few years ago during family camp, we decided to have me repel down from the rafters in Rainier Center during one of the worship sessions. I was hiding up there hanging out on some boards for over an hour – absolutely silent and not moving at all. As people filtered in and worship began, I couldn’t stop thinking to myself how awkward it was going to be and what a bad idea it was! They finally called me forward to make the up-front announcements – all part of the ploy! I had a microphone on up there and yelled, “I’m coming!” – as if I was running from the back of the room. Everyone turned their heads to the back of the room, while I threw the ropes down to the ground. They fell right next to the front row seats. There was a mom and a bunch of kids sitting in the front row who squealed when the rope hit the floor, and everyone’s attention was pulled forward. When I came off the board and was dangling mid-air, there was this collective gasp as I came down to the floor. (The funny part that I hadn’t quite thought through was that I would then have to actually DO the announcements – I didn’t think about how much my adrenaline would be pumping. My mouth was all dry and I could barely catch my breath!)

What’s been one of the most rewarding experiences you’ve had at camp? Beyond my own personal growth, probably watching the growth of people over the years who have attended our programs. I love seeing the impact camp has on families that come here year after year, and watching the progression of campers who become S.A.L.T.s, who become staff, who eventually move on to other big things in life. The power of camp never ceases to blow my mind!

Thanks Rob! All of us here at Cascades are thankful for your thoughtful leadership – none of us would be equipped to do what we do with your mentoring and support! (“You da bomb,” says Claudia.)

Adopt a 2016 Summer Staffer

In just under three weeks, our 2016 summer staff will descend on the grounds here at Cascades and dive into an intense, jam-packed summer of ministry together. We couldn’t be more excited about the crew God has brought together (and continues to bring together, as we fill our last few positions!) – each individual uniquely called and gifted for the specific kingdom-building work God has for them in the coming months.

Over the years, we’ve found that some of the most powerful ministry here at Cascades happens amongst the ones who are pouring out and ministering to those around them – our college-aged summer staff. A summer spent serving at Cascades has proven to be an incredibly transformative and life-changing experience for many.

Would you join us in coming alongside our staff in their ministry this summer? We’re looking for 70-ish individuals/families/small groups/churches/etc. to “adopt a summer staffer” – committing to faithfully pray for and support a specific individual (or several individuals!) during their time on staff with us.

We’ll randomly match you with a summer staffer and send you a card with their picture and information on their specific job at camp, favorite treats (for care package purposes, of course!), prayer requests, and more. We’ll give them your name and contact information as well, so they can keep in touch with you over the course of the summer with updates.

If you’re interested in partnering with us in ministry in this unique way by adopting a summer staffer, please email Jessica at with the following information:

  • Your name(s)
  • Your address
  • How many summer staffers you would like to adopt