Legacy of Faith

Legacy of Faith

Our world is a tough place — especially for young people. Violence is piped into our homes daily via the radio, television, and internet. Terrorist threats steal the joy of childhood. And destructive temptations battle for their souls at younger and younger ages. The need is real; the opportunity is great. Now more than ever, children need the hope and stability of Christ in their lives. You can help by making a generous, sacrificial commitment. With your support, Cascades can continue our legacy of providing a safe haven for boys, girls, men, and women who need to establish a relationship with Christ.

Rarely is there and opportunity for such fruitful investment.

Of the 1,000 Cascades campers in attendance last year, fully one-third reported making significant spiritual decisions during their stay. There are few tools available to the church today that have that kind of impact. Each time a child doesn’t enroll because of financial need, a precious opportunity is lost. Your support will allow more kids each year to hear the good news of Christ. Please help us continue God’s work at Cascades by supporting these two important goals.

The Legacy of Faith Campaign has a financial goal of $850,000 in hopes of funding two projects:

  1. COMPLETED: Summit Chapel – This great new addition to Rainier Center allows even more people than ever to experience the beauty of God’s creation. With its view overlooking serene Elbow Lake, families, conference groups, and campers can come together for worship, prayer, and fun camp programs. In the summer time the chapel will provide a much needed home to Rainier Kids Day Camp allowing this growing ministry even greater reach.
          • Over 2,800 square feet
          • Cozy fireside lounge adds much needed lobby space
          • Stunning views of Elbow Lake and surrounding lakeshore
          • Moveable glass wall allows for multipurpose use of space
          • Providing a summer home for Rainier Kids Day Camp, a ministry to the community surrounding Cascades

summit chapel 2. ONGOING: Sponsorship Endowment Fund – Our long-time motto has been never turn away a child from camp because of financial          need. In recent years the number of requests for camper sponsorship has grown tremendously. The need for help is great. Now is the time to plan    for the need of future generations through the establishment of this endowment fund. As we look to the future, we want to ensure that all will have opportunity to experience the love of Christ as Cascades.

        • 1 in 5 campers make requests for financial sponsorship
        • Sponsorship ranges from 25%-100% of camp registration fee
        • Since 1999, the requests for sponsorship are up 156%
        • Since 2003, over $250,000 has been awarded
        • Beginning goal of $280,00 with vision for the fund to continue to grow
How Can You Help?

Get involved in God’s ministry at Cascades Camp! The Legacy of Faith is about expanding the opportunities of ministry through new facilities and new programs, and there are a few basic ways in which you can help.


You can help by making a generous, sacrificial monetary commitment.

    • A four year pledge (payments by check or credit card)
    • A gift of stock
    • Please use this helpful table in determining your commitment:
      A major gift of $10,000 or more
      $5,000 — $125 monthly (36 mos.) plus one gift of $500
      $3,000 — $75 monthly (36 mos.) plus one gift of $300
      $2,000 — $50 monthly (36 mos.) plus one gift of $200
      $1,000 — $25 monthly (36 mos.) plus one gift of $100
    • A one-time gift
    • Paypal Donations: Any one-time gifts can be made through Paypal’s easy payment process, simply click on the donate button below.

You can help by remembering to pray for Cascades Camp and Conference Center.
Please remember to pray for: the Legacy of Faith Capital Campaign, the development of new programs, the leadership & staff of Cascades Camp, and the campers and guests who come to Cascades.

 During the past 25 years, Cascades has provided a safe and caring environment for people of all ages to experience spiritual birth and growth. Offering the same possibilities to new generations is a project we can all take part in. With your help, these new facilities will give children, families, churches, and others the opportunity to grow in Christian living throughout the year — and for many years to come.