2016 Spring Adventure Weekends: Grandparents & Grandkids Retreat

2016 Spring Adventure Weekends: Grandparents & Grandkids Retreat

Are you itching to get out to Cascades this summer but don’t think you can wait several more months? Well, you’re in luck! Our Spring Adventure Weekends are right around the corner! These weekend getaways are just what you’re looking for, with the perfect blend of quality time with family and friends, fun activities designed specifically for these retreats, and meaningful times of worship. We’re highlighting all of our Spring Adventure Weekends over the next week or two, so be watching the blog for more posts to come. First up…
Grab Grandma or Grandpa and soar on over to Cascades for a weekend retreat that’s sure to take you up, up, and away! You’ll be flying high as you scale new heights on the climbing wall, build your own kite, play goofy games, sing campfire songs, and learn more about Jesus together through kid-oriented messages brought to you by Katey Hage of Quest Church. Nothing beats time away with Grandma or Grandpa, and when you’re both in the midst of creation, enjoying great food and staff to keep up with the kiddos, you know it’s going to be the perfect time away together.

Meet the 2016 speaker, Katey Hage:

What is your preferred mode of transportation? A) Hot air balloon, B) Rocket ship, or C) Helicopter  I’ve never been in any of them, but I like traveling in things with walls – so I’d say rocket ship!

Do you have a favorite memory with one of your grandparents?  So many favorite memories that it’s hard to choose – but one that stands out is sleepovers at my Grandma Opal’s house. We would waltz in her room at bedtime after she’d taken her teeth out! She taught me to read, play the organ, sing, take bird baths, garden, play Scrabble, and talk to Jesus everyday.

Why are you excited to share with grandparents and their grandkids?  I know how deep of an impact my grandparents made on my faith and how important that relationship was when I was young. I want to encourage grandparents of this new generation of kids to be intentional and available to their grandkids, and for kids to look to their grandparents to hear stories, learn, and grow from the wisdom their grandparents have. Each of us is on a faith journey, and what a better way to travel than with all generations walking together, following Jesus, and helping each other. We each bring something special and important with us.

Learn more about our Spring Adventure Weekends (Grandparents & Grandkids Retreat, Father & Son Retreat, Mother & Daughter Retreat, and Adult Horse Roundup Retreat) here. Register for a Spring Adventure Weekend here.


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