2016 Spring Adventure Weekends: Father & Son Retreat

2016 Spring Adventure Weekends: Father & Son Retreat

Are you itching to get out to Cascades this summer but don’t think you can wait several more months? Well, you’re in luck! Our Spring Adventure Weekends are right around the corner! These weekend getaways are just what you’re looking for, with the perfect blend of quality time with family and friends, fun activities designed specifically for these retreats, and meaningful times of worship. We’re highlighting all of our Spring Adventure Weekends over the next week or two, so be watching the blog for more posts to come. Up next…
Fathers and sons, gear up for an epic adventure into the wild together! Select one of three different “activity tracks” to customize your weekend just the way you like it. Choose between the “wild west” option, the “extreme adventures” option, and the “shooting sports” option for all kinds of manly fun. You’ll also enjoy a little friendly competition as you face off with other father-son pairs in Cascades’ version of “Survivor.” Spend your free time with the rest of the guys out in boats on Elbow Lake, playing some basketball, hiking through the woods, or whatever else suits your fancy! Prepare to grow closer together through times of worship and relevant messages and discussions led by Bob Nass of Yakima Covenant Church. Are you a grandfather with a grandson or a guy who mentors a young man? All are welcome!

Meet the 2016 speaker, Bob Nass:

If you were stranded on a desert island living off of coconuts and tree bark, but could have one meal of your choice, what would you eat?  Our family favorite is homemade pizza made with spent grain dough, garden vegetables, and guanciale. I’d go for that for sure!

Would you rather have your shoes tied together for the rest of your life, or have to walk on your hands for the rest of your life?  Shoes tied together. Then I’ll walk on my hands or just stand there – life hack!

What is one of your favorite memories with your own father?  Backpacking the Grand Canyon when I was in high school with my family.

What is one of your favorite memories with your own son?  Building a sea kayak together, working on backyard projects, and rolling down the mountain because I couldn’t stop watching him ski the black diamonds.

Why are you excited to share with fathers and their sons?  I devote an evening each week to spending time with fathers and sons studying outdoor living and activity skills, home making skills, and life skills through the lens of God’s call on our lives. I’m excited to continue to learn and share together.

Learn more about our Spring Adventure Weekends (Grandparents & Grandkids Retreat, Father & Son Retreat, Mother & Daughter Retreat, and Adult Horse Roundup Retreat) here. Register for a Spring Adventure Weekend here.

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